Pest Control Programs

We provide several sets of Pest Control Programs to help rid and keep away unwanted pests and insects from you home and business.

    Estimate & Recommendation

    We help to correct housekeeping, sanitation, and structural issues conducive to pest and rodent infestation by calling it to your attention promptly. We can provide you with an estimate to eliminate these issues. We block off pathways of access for pest by sealing, caulking and screening points of pest entry into your home or office.

    By eliminating potential food, water, and living space for pests, and sealing up their entry routes into buildings, the need for pesticides is greatly reduced. Pesticides are used only when a confirmed pest problem is present (no preventive treatments). Then, the most effective pesticide that poses the least risk to people and the environment is applied using precision, targeted treatments.

    Inspection & Analysis

    A complete home pest inspection allows us to locate pests and insects that are destructive to your home and yard. Our pest management inspectors will determine the following:

    1. Are pests and/or rodents present?

    2. How are pests and/or rodents getting in?

    3. Where are pests and/or rodents hiding and living?

    4. What factors are attracting pests and/or rodents?

    5. How can pest and rodent entry, attraction, and harborage be eliminated?

    Treatments & Scheduling

    Our perimeter treatment gets rid of troublesome pests fast and lasts for a long time. We use only the most effective pest control products designed to eliminate many pests in just minutes. These products continue working long after the treatment and there is no annoying odor to bother you, your family or your pets. We treat the places of origin for pets with environmentally responsible baits and dusts.

    • Sealing potential pest entries into buildings or homes
    • Improving sanitation practices and/or trash management in and around facilities
    • Eliminating pest harborage by sealing cracks or gaps that can lead into pest living spaces
    • Use of baits or traps where pest populations are present
    • Use of a pesticide to eliminate a pest infestation
    • Landscape recommendations that discourage pest problems

    Note: We do a thorough initial treatment inside, outside and underneath your home or business. If for any reason, you develop an inside infestation, contact a customer service representative at Tri County Pest Control by calling 281-550-3380.

    Your technician will be notified and will call you to schedule an appointment. The infestation will be treated at no extra cost and will be treated as many times as necessary to control the problem.